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The features of strip ceiling

Form:The rectangle is
Sound-absorptive:The Germany soundtex nothing spins cloth, the MRC0.65-0.8
Manufacturing engineering:Mould pressing molding or continuous roll-in machinery
Material quality:AA level aluminium
Alloy surface treatment:The Akzo Nobel static electricity powder flame plating, fluorine carbon lacquer a flame plating, roll the Tu, cover film
Self definition type:Peculiar dimension, punched hole type, surface colour, the type a ssembling forming a complete set but customizing
punched hole according to necessaries:The various model,various pattern
prvideh ysemm choosing installation:Dark(100,150,200,300)H type posture
Specification in common use:Hermetic(100、150、200、300)H type style, the length≤6000mm

The drawing of strip ceiling

  ①m8 bar
  ②Main carrier fitting
  ③Main carrier
  ④H-shaped flat strip panel
  ⑤H-shaped strip carrier fitting
  ⑥H-shaped strip carrier

Installation and operation instructions of the standard linear buckle series

1.The call for according to the designer measures out bar-like pinch plate assembling altitude in the day afer tommorow, ascertains a horizoutal line. Be fixing the angle easy to collect an edge all around on wall body same horizontal line (altitude) at the same time.
2.Ascertain the direction being under coustruction, and fix the angle code boom according to standard=1200 mms distance with swelling bolt while the structure building the top strikes the hoisting hole on body basal plane.
3.The fixed light steel bird's sternum bangs a document, makes light of the steel bird's sternum, and the light steel bird's sternum is moved extremely horizoutal, swear to demand altitude at the same time. Make light of the steel bird's sternum mutually of equal rank, spacing is 1200 standard mms.
4.Fix the bar-like pinch plate host bird's sternum, with bet okening a bird's sternum for a special purpose handing a document that the host bird's sternum is fixed tune up a host under light steel bird's sternum, at the same time the bird's sternum is horizoutal, the bid is advanced. Spacing is smaller than the host bird's sternum or is equal to 1200 mms, the host bird's sternum and light steel are mutually perpeudicular between the bird's sternum, parallel mutually between host bird's sternum.
5.The slot is hit by the assemble bar-like pinch plate, corresponding with bar-like pinch plate button Yu host bird's sternum. Pay attention to bad better to enter from a direction button, the clean hygiene keeping hand at the same time, inadmissibility to have sweat, the greasy dirt to wait on hand.

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