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THe features of Square ceiling

Form:The square, the rectangle are
Sound-abcorptive:The Germany soundtex nothing spine cloth, the MRC0.65-0.8
Manufacturing engineering:Moukl pressing
Molding material quality:AA level aluminium alloy
Surface treatimentt:The Akzo Nobel electricity powder flame plating,fluorine carbon lacquer a flame plating, roll Tu, cover film
Board thickly:0.8mm—1.5mm
Self definition type:Peculiar dimension, punched hole type, surface colour, the type assem bling forming a complete set but customizing punched hole according to
Necessaries:The various model, various pattern provide the system choosing
Installation:The bird's sternum gripe a triangle entering dyadic system, the A character bird's sternum gripe entering dyadic system
Specification in common use:300x300mm、300x450mm、300x600mm、300x1200mm、400x400mm、500x500mm、600x600mm、600x1200mm、 600x2400mm、 800x800mm

The drawing of Square ceiling

  ①M8 bar
  ②Main carrier fitting
  ③Main carrier
  ④Flat-type square panel
  ⑤A-shaped carrier fitting
  ⑥A-shaped carrier

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