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The Obiaotop U type in creases the dyadic smallpox of Tongtou, uteusil directi ouality, Tongtou are open extremely, the third dimeusious intense, the edge line is limpid bright and cheerful, new and original unique. May adjust decoration space optesth esia altitude, arrange various different colour in grooups, fly unequal altitude, lead into the different light effect, be keenly shining each other increasingly, unfold lucid and lively, elegant, fad decaration style harmonious and graceful. Give Saposhuikovia divaricata assembling structure yard, apply to can there is effect Saposhnikovia divaricata in exterior decoration, effect is more distinct. Method, dress dismantle Tongtou's iustallation simple rapid.

The features of U-shaped ceiling

Form:Square pencil
Manufacturing engineering:Mould pressing molding, aluminium sectin bar
Material quality:AA level aluminium
Alloy surface treatment:The Akzo Nobel static electricity powder flame plating, Tu favor 0.06-0.1mm.The various standard colour, can satisfy color design call for board
Self defiuition type:The peculiar dimension, surface colour, assemble forming a complee set but assemble system according to needing making to order:
The button enters the dyadic bird's sternum assembling system:the dyadic bird's sternum of hock assembles
Specification of system in common use:Dyadic U type pencil Tongtou D20-200(bottom)、H20-300(high),the length≤ 5000mm

The drawing of installation of U-shaped ceiling

①M8 bar
②C-shaped groove carrier
③Square-shaped aluminum bar
④M6 Screw
⑤Cover of square-shaped aluminum bar

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