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Aluminum honeycomb panels are mainly used in decorating the external walls of buildings, is a rich luxurious decorative materials, the panel of mainly high-quality aluminum alloy 3003H24 alloy aluminum potassium 5052AH14 to the substrate, panel thickness 0.8~1.5mm Fluorocar bonpanels, floor thickness of 0.6~1.0mm, the total thickness of 10mm~25mm is better. Core material the use of hexagonal type 3003 aluminum honeycomb core, aluminum foil thickness 0.04~0.06mm, the length was 5~6mm, and the use of polymer modified epoxy film, all closed dust-free opeartion, with fully automated production equipment composite honeycomb panel through pressure from high-temperature composites, honeycomb panel to overcome the previous bond issues brittle layer. Aluminum honey comb panel so that in the humid, high temperature, the change will happen, which is a high-quality, lightweight, high-intensity green decorative materials.

Product Characteristic
1.The proportion of light, high strength, stiffness, and structural stability, good wind pressure
2.Insulation, thermal insulation, fire prevention, earthquake prominent feature
3.The appearance of straight, colors varied, elegant and smooth, durable
4.Decorative, and the installation of convenient, fast

Dual-panel honeycomb panel can be selected according to different requirements for different materials, widely used in indoor and outdoor walls.

Main Specifications of Our Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

Product name Specifications Application
Aluminum Fiber Glass Honeycomb Panel Standard 1220x2440 Applicable as singe and double side composite slab, ceramic, and furniture plate
Aluminum Honeycomb Panels Standard 1220x2440 Applicable as singe and double side composite slab, ceramic, and furniture plate
Aluminum Honeycomb Curtain wall Panels Incommon thickness10mm,15mm Applicate as direct installation on interior and exterior wall body
Stone Emulation Honeycomb Panels Standard 1220x2440 Thickness 6mm,10mm Applicable as partition panels in the interior and exterior decoration of a buikling

Function of physics and chemical struction

Joints and points of honeycomb planking

The product has the decoration effect as the classical and beautiful square ceiling but also boats of the performances of good sound absorption, flame retardant and light as the interlayer of honeycomb. The product is widely used in all kinds of ocasions.

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