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Obiaotop ceramic cast aluminum veneer is coated with high purity ceramic coating consisting of high-quality environmentally-friendly decorative materials. Less susceptible to corrosion, easy cleaning, no fracture, peel glaze. Pure inorganic surface coating, even if subjected to high temperature flame will not produce toxic gases, are A-class fire protection materials, high-quality environmentally-friendly decorative materials inside the wall.

Ceramic plate is an inorganic material surface layer, the basic ingredient is SiO2 and the hydrolysis of inetal by chemical reaction ALKOXIDE pure inorganic resin. Pure in organic pigments and inorganic resin coating formed in the heating process of the formation of network structure. At this time of silicon and oxygen (Si-O) is a combination of energy 101KCAL/MOL, than the average organic carbon and carbon-coated (CC) The combination of greater energy 83.2KCAL/MOL At the same time, silicon atoms(Si) of the total combined radius than the carbon (C) a combination of atomic radius 1.5 times that in the chemically vey stable, overall performance is better than the second generation of flu or ocarbon coating of aluminum to the surface decorating material.

  ◎Anti-corrosion:Salty spray test exceeds 2000th
  ◎Forepproof:Bearing high temperature
  ◎Acid and alkali resistant:proof against strong corrosive chemicals
  ◎Easy cleaning:Surface free of pores, oppressing bacteria growth and facilitating cleaning.
  ◎Weather resistant:Free form the effect of ultraviolet ray, on fading in 30 years in normal use.
  ◎Environment friendly:Free of noxious constituents to human body. Raw material is made from mineral substance.
  ◎Wear resistant:high hardness, no scratches during use and cleaning.
  ◎Attractive appearance:More colors are available and can be matched freely.

The advantages of ceramic plate has heen well-known architect of the agreement approved, widely used in subway, airports, hospitals, bus stations sheeting.

Enamel aluminum plate Physical test (SGS test)

Project Testing standards Eligibility criteria The results
Gloss BS 6496: 1984 50~70%(60") 50"60%
Surface Appearance Must be free of surface defect No defects such as bubbles, pinholes, scratches and craters
Adhesion 100/100 100/100
Impact resistance No crack For stripping No crack For stripping
Mortar resistance Without the appearance of abnormalMatt anomaly Without the appearance of abnormalMatt anomaly
Acetic Acid Salt Spray No1 /16" appearance, luster anomaly No1 /20" appearance, luster anomaly
Humidity resistance Must not have the appearance of abnormal Must not have the appearance of abnormal
Scratch Resistance ...... 4000g
Xenon-arc Weathering IS04892-2,1999mathod
A and BS 6496,1984
Colorbelow △E5 ;Gloss retention rate: above 80% Colorbelow △E3 ;Gloss retention rate: above 97%
Abrasion-Resistance ASTM 0968-93 (2001) ...... 31. 4L/rnil
Pencil hardness ASTM D3363-00 ...... 5H

Typical aluminum ceramic

Use Tao way Sintering temperature Performance
Facades flat AL-2 535-550 Lead, attached to designate; addition to every other yellow, cadmium can be used for a variety of colors
  Z-304 535-550 Lead, good weather resistance; match with a variety of the FERRO standard pigment; cadmium yellow, cadmium orange, cadmium, infrared, to add the coated layer of transparent glaze to ensure that the color with the degree.

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