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The European standard care Pu corrugated board is the new "energy saving" green decorative materials.Can replace the aluminum panels, aluminum veneer, honeycomb panels, high strength, fire protection, sound insulation, thermal insulation. 

Aluminum corrugated board performance:

1.Stable bonding properties of solid durable.
AL3003H16-H18 material: corrugated composite panels, panel thickness 0.8 ~ 1.2mm backplane thickness of 0.7 ~ 1.0mm (aluminum honeycomb panel), Core AL10016-of H18, material thickness of 0.2mm (corrugated board core plate 0.4 ~ 0.5mm), water corrugated panel backplane bonding surface for the arc, increasing the bond strength (higher than that of the honeycomb plate), the use of thermosetting resin adhesive has excellent adhesion of the metal plate, with the most advanced ERP System quality management of production, to ensure the stability of the bonding properties of solid durable construction with a life in advanced automated production equipment.

2.Second, energy saving and environmental protection:
Corrugated board core board is a water ripple type, composition of the air channel between the front and back hollow plate system, and the best products for thermal insulation.In the role of solar radiation, warming the air in the channel of upward mobility to take the heat, with heat insulation performance.In cold areas, the corrugated channel top and bottom seals, in the sunlight during the day, storing the heat to reduce indoor heating heat loss with insulation performance. Project, I expected 100% recovery, environmental pollution.

3.Acoustic noise reduction:
Core corrugated curved acoustic surface reflection, and to eliminate the acoustic coupling between the panel and the backplane, to improve the sound insulation performance of greater than 35dB.

4.Fourth, high flatness:
APCP aluminum panel thickness of 0.5mm, folding carrying capacity, not for a large plate or a high curtain wall engineering.Aluminum single linear expansion coefficient of 2.35X10-5, the thermal expansion or deformation, the general use of aluminum surface after 1-2 years to produce bump deformation, the art of building facades.The flatness of the outer surface of the honeycomb panel is good, but higher prices should not be project uses.Aluminum corrugated plate tensile, compressive strength, 180-degree peel strength than honeycomb panel, it has a high surface roughness, stability, durability and construction of the same life.

5.Fluorocarbon coating:
The panel of corrugated board for the fluorocarbon roller coating, the use of degreasing, degreasing, cleaning, drying, chromium processing automated assembly line production line for aluminum surface to ensure uniform thickness and good adhesion of the coating of different colors and imitation stone .

6.Light weight, with the economy:
Corrugated board 6mm thick, the proportion of 4.3kg / m2.Surfaces heavy load, and the structure supporting the keel can be reduced, more economy.

7.Easy to clean, corrosion-resistant, anti-fouling ability, durability does not change color.

8.Large size, improve material utilization of the tree:
Corrugated board width 1000 ~ 1550mm, length 300 ~ 6000mm, thickness is 4 ~ 8mm, a reasonable selection of points for a variety of curtain wall grid, improve material utilization and reduce costs.

9.processing and ease of installation:
Easy processing: cutting, drilling, bending, can be made of a shaped plate, curved plate.Side ribs, to strengthen the help available rivet connection, simple and solid.Construction and easy installation: can be set away from the crimp, articulated, open seam, closed seam structure to ensure a smooth surface, safe and durable, but also the art of architecture.

10.worth more than:
Aluminum corrugated board has the ultra-high performance, the price is close to 3mm thick aluminum veneer, with the economy.

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